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Innovate the way you work

To keep pace with our rapidly evolving world, you must rethink how work gets done. Unisys applies expert guidance and offers advanced technology, helping you automate repetitive tasks across the following areas and more:
Records Management with Hyperautomation

Refocus your time and talent with hyperautomation

Deploy specialized expertise and advanced technologies to hyperautomate business processes.

Not every task requires a human touch. By using hyperautomation to optimize processes, you can eliminate manual effort, increase accuracy, and fix imperceptible inefficiencies. And that’s the best way to free your workers to better serve customers and citizens.

Unisys combines specialized business expertise and advanced technologies to help you automate repetitive human interactions, integrate complex business processes, and adapt existing records management processes to new scenarios, including:


  • Increased efficiency of records management efforts
  • Greater staff focus on more valuable, customer-centric activities
  • Reduced costs with improved business performance
  • Accelerated time to market for new offerings
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Data Aggregation and Insights

Convert Big Data into better business outcomes

Extract meaningful insights from data with a strategic approach to data management.

Does the data you collect deliver real business value, or does it sit unexamined in storage? Adopting a strategic, integrated approach to data management ensures your organization properly leverages data into real-world insights.

Data Aggregation and Insights makes aggregating and analyzing diverse data easier, delivering unique insights that help your organization understand and intuitively address customer and citizen needs. We combine domain knowledge, industry expertise, and the right products in an integrated, customized data management solution. Domain-specific accelerators streamline analysis and pinpoint deviations in the data, alerting you to act.

Solution highlights

  • Intelligence and investigation automation
  • Data aggregation
  • Risk-based pricing
  • Business process automation with analytics
  • White-space knowledge mapping


  • Improved operational efficiencies through process automation
  • Greater business flexibility and adaptability with knowledge enabled by predictive analytics
  • Expanded opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Increased competitive advantage through real-time insights

Explore a key use case

As enterprises digitize processes and customer interactions, their expanding digital footprint increases the risk of fraud. With Unisys Risk and Fraud Targeting Solution (RaFTS), you can tackle fraud across many operational domains and modalities in a single solution.

  • Deploy a powerful, open and highly flexible risk-scoring platform
  • Combat scenarios such as payment fraud, money laundering, border-risk targeting, healthcare fraud, check and signature fraud and more
  • Tackle current risks and rapidly adapt to emerging threats with an easily configurable, scalable rules- and AI-based solution – deployed in the cloud or on-premise, with an optional fully managed service offering
Integrated Portfolio and Investment Management

Take control of assets and investments

Manage your assets and investments transparently while transforming to SAP S/4HANA.

Against a complex and rapidly changing backdrop, how can organizations make better-informed portfolio and investment management decisions? How can you overcome operational siloes, ensure data reliability, and improve traceability between data insights and actual impact?  

Unisys partnered with SAP to create an Integrated Portfolio and Investment Management solution. Supported by strong analytics and monitoring functionalities and enhanced by advanced accelerators, this solution offers full transparency into expenditures, investments, and project execution. It’s the right choice for organizations that want to:

  • Manage large, multi-year investments and disinvestment projects.
  • Create quick wins while transforming to SAP S/4HANA.
  • Standardize investment lifecycle processes from strategic planning and budgeting to execution and forecasting.
  • Develop and exchange investment process knowledge.


  • Increased investment transparency through modern dashboards and analytics
  • Greater productivity and efficiency in managing large investment programs
  • More precise forecasting using input from finance and project management teams
  • Enhanced collaboration among organizational teams
  • Faster decision-making with a single integrated source of data
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Digital Mortgage Processing

Personalize and digitize mortgage servicing

Simplify loan servicing to delight customers while prioritizing compliance and security.

Consumers love mortgage companies that simplify the daunting, complex process of getting a loan. How can you delight customers with exceptional financial services while prioritizing compliance and security?

Digital Mortgage Processing streamlines loan servicing. By automating inefficient manual tasks and digitizing complex mortgage workflows, we help you focus on core value-added activities that optimize post-origination processes and operations. Our compliant​-by-design approach minimizes risk, using built-in security and privacy to maintain trust.

Streamline key steps in the post-loan servicing process

  • Process automation
  • Digital document management
  • Correspondence management
  • Loans management
  • Complaints management


  • Reduced costs by digitizing manual tasks
  • Improved quality and consistency of business processes
  • Minimized risk by building regulatory compliance into core processes
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and retention by speeding turnaround times

Aider les clients à réaliser le « grand rêve australien » de l’accès à la propriété

« RAMS aide les Australiens à acquérir leur maison ou immeuble de placement résidentiel. Notre partenariat avec Unisys a commencé il y a 15 ans et, tout au long de cette période, nous avons connu une croissance astronomique. Nous avons maintenant aidé plus de 100 000 clients à trouver leur maison. Unisys est notre partenaire opérationnel et assure une grande partie de notre service après-vente. »
-Jake Bromwich, directeur général de RAMS

Répondre aux besoins des citoyens en matière de documents officiels en quelques minutes grâce à une gestion avancée de la numérisation et des dossiers

« Unisys est un véritable partenaire dans l’amélioration continue des services que nous fournissons à nos citoyens, et avec Stealth™, nous avons intégré la sécurité dans notre infrastructure pour maintenir l’intégrité des documents officiels tels que les certificats de naissance, de mariage et de décès. »
-Dennis S. Mapa, Docteur, statisticien national et registraire général de l'état civil, Philippine Statistics Authority

Push what's possible

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