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Modernize branch processes

The future of banks, credit unions and other financial institutions is “phygital” — meaning a combination of physical bank branches (staff-assist) and online banking services (self-service). This model offers more freedom to design a branch banking experience that best aligns with customer needs.

While customers appreciate the convenience of online banking, they often prefer visiting a physical branch when applying for new products or services; checking on and applying for complex products, such as mortgages and loans; or seeking guidance from a bank employee on financial decisions.

Unisys Branch Banking Solutions let you manage day-today branch operations, such as helping customers who visit a branch to open an account, check a bank balance, take out cash, make a deposit or perform other tasks.

Unlike commercial off-the-shelf banking software, a configurable platform from Unisys lets you more easily automate the processes behind branch transactions in your own way. You can even configure your transactions and processes from scratch rather than trying to mold an available product to your needs, which is especially challenging given business and country regulations.