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Delivering cargo on time and securely

The Business Challenge

"Keep Business Moving" by countering growing competition, enduring in an industry with thin margins and desire to grow the flag carrier by providing quality and reliable air freight services to almost 100 destinations worldwide.

The Solution

Unisys cloud-based Logistics Management System for domestic, international cargo sales, operations and third party ground handling business, including analytics and customizations integrated with the carrier’s automated warehouse system; implemented in a matter of months instead of years for typical in-house systems.

Results and Benefits

  • Reduced costs as compared to running traditional software systems and increased the pace of adopting air cargo industry enhancements
  • Gained the opportunity to provide inputs, and benefit by getting free of cost new enhancements of common interest, by joining the Unisys Cargo User Group community of leading air cargo carriers
  • Transformed processes and systems to achieve a lean and adaptive model, focusing on core aspects of business and catering to industry development and customers demands
  • Avoided multiple data capture, gained ability to reuse data, and saved on additional manpower costs associated with growth
  • Gained ease of introducing new products and new commercial models through closely integrated yet modular systems, leading to increased revenue
  • Optimized returns on capacity inventory by using dynamic pricing