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Forecasting success with digital workplace solutions

Forecasting success with digital workplace solutions and Microsoft 365 services


  • Implement a secure and stable enterprise email solution to increase resilience
  • Improve data security and retention to meet record-keeping requirements
  • Achieve widespread adoption of the solution while delivering a positive end-user experience


  • Engaged digital workplace solutions team to implement the chosen solution via Microsoft 365 planning and migration services
  • Assessed the Bureau’s existing environment to identify risks and align with its strategic direction
  • Created a change management plan to support specific phases of the project
  • Integrated with other Microsoft 365 apps and services, such as Teams, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint


  • Migrated all corporate emails to Exchange Online within project timelines and budgets
  • Achieved high employee adoption and satisfaction rates through strategic organizational change management
  • Improved workforce mobility and access to data across diverse teams
  • Safeguarded data, mitigated risks and increased resilience for the agency’s enterprise email platform
  • Reduced IT costs by implementing a web-based environment

Critical services need secure and reliable communication

The Bureau of Meteorology is Australia’s national weather, climate and water agency and provides one of the most widely used services among government organizations. Through regular forecasts, warnings and guidance, the Bureau helps residents throughout the Australian region and Antarctic territory plan their days and prepare for pending dangers, such as droughts, floods, fires and tropical cyclones.

Given its services' demand and critical nature, reliable communication and high data security are crucial for the Bureau. To mitigate risk, the Bureau planned to implement a secure and stable enterprise email solution to increase organizational resilience. The Bureau wanted a solution that would provide improved security using multi-factor authentication, advanced file attachment management, mobile device management, and malware, phishing and spam scanning. Additionally, the solution needed to improve end-user experience and meet record-keeping requirements by maintaining existing data.

Implementing a new email environment

The Bureau wanted a provider with expertise and experience. They chose Unisys due to our wealth of experience helping government organizations transform their environments to provide more efficient and secure services.

Unisys worked closely with the Bureau’s experts to assess the current environment and capabilities, translate the technical requirements into business outcomes and identify gaps and risks. Doing so built trust with the agency and demonstrated complete alignment with its transformation goals. Together, the Bureau and Unisys assessed the Bureau’s environment and capabilities, identified risks and translated the technical requirements into business outcomes.

“Unisys brought a deep knowledge of Microsoft 365 and worked with us to understand how it would best apply to the Bureau’s operating environment,” said Michael Webb, general manager of service and infrastructure at the Bureau of Meteorology.

Managing organizational change

Unisys leveraged its organization change management expertise to understand the Bureau’s culture and discern how to roll out a new way of working that would be understood, welcomed and owned by the agency’s staff. Using the Bureau’s organizational change management framework, Unisys worked with the Bureau to create a change management plan aligned to specific phases of the project that the Bureau could roll out.

The close collaboration between Unisys and the Bureau ensured that any obstacles were rapidly overcome. For example, Unisys created a solution to address the migration of the very large and complex mailboxes burdening the Bureau’s Exchange databases and determined how to smoothly migrate corporate mail without impacting operational mail services or lessening the agency’s security posture.

“Unisys went to an extraordinary amount of effort to ensure that the mailbox migration solution would flow smoothly and be supported by the project team and that the Bureau’s end users were looked after during their mailbox migrations,” said Albert Wong, the Bureau’s client systems unit manager.

Satisfaction across all levels

The Bureau of Meteorology achieved its goals by partnering with Unisys. All corporate emails were securely migrated to Exchange Online within the project’s timeline and stayed on budget. Strategic organizational change management helped to ensure high end-user satisfaction and widespread adoption of the new Exchange email environment.

To explore how Unisys can help you operate your digital workspace more efficiently and cost-effectively, visit us online, or contact us today.

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