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eWeek eSpeaks: Unisys' Dan Chalk on Hybrid Cloud Migration

diciembre 6, 2022

In the last few years, we have seen a significant shift in how organizations think and use cloud environments. The pandemic has only expedited this inevitable change.

In this episode of eWeek’s “eSpeaks” series, Dan Chalk, Global Leader for Transformation Services, Cloud, Applications & Infrastructure Solutions, Unisys, speaks with James Maguire, host and editor-in-chief of eWeek’s podcast. The two exchange their perspectives on the major changes we can expect and answer intriguing questions such as:

  • What trends are driving the hybrid cloud migration this year?
  • Given that multi-cloud is now the default deployment, how does this affect hybrid cloud?
  • How does Unisys support hybrid cloud migration?
  • What is the Unisys advantage?

To learn how you can extend your IT resources and meet the challenge of growing hybrid cloud complexity, visit Hybrid Infrastructure.

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