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Focus on business innovation with AWS Lambda Delivery services

The Unisys and AWS partnership provides solutions using AWS serverless technologies like AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Aurora and Glue to help enterprises build scalable, robust, resilient, and secure end-to-end solutions.

The innovative capabilities of AWS Lambda allow enterprises to quickly build production systems solving their business needs without the hassle of non-functional requirements. Enterprise Lambda adoption allows a smooth cloud journey to deliver a cost-effective system within a shorter period.


Key features

Application scalability

AWS Lambda intelligently scales the application infrastructure based on the traffic. The Unisys team utilizes AWS Lambda for various use cases to build scalable, robust event-driven systems, including web applications, serverless ETL pipelines, custom authorizers and more.

High availability

AWS Lambda provides capabilities to easily make applications highly available with multi-availability zone and multi-region redundancy. Unisys’ automated Infrastructure as Code pipelines, constructed using fundamental AWS building blocks, ensures out-of-the-box capability for redundant environments.

Security and compliance

AWS Lambda inherently offers higher security and enhanced regulatory compliance with AWS Firecracker micro containers. Unisys’ automated DevSecOps integrates state-of-the-art toolsets to scan for vulnerabilities on every deployment.

Micro frontends

Deliver end-to-end intelligent, personalized user experiences using AWS Lambda@Edge, which can be utilized to intelligently compose micro frontends to provide a cohesive single-page application (SPA) user experience.

Managed services

AWS Lambda provides powerful automated operational management for scalability. Unisys’ coveted automatic DevSecOps process builds, packages and deploys Lambda code across enterprise environments with an intuitive setup.


AWS Lambda supports deployments utilizing Docker containers. Unisys’ intelligent automated DevSecOps pipeline allows the application code to be packaged as Docker images and deployed to EKS/ECS/EC2.

Mobile applications

AWS Lambda enables rapid development of scalable mobile backend APIs to supercharge innovation and deliver new capabilities iteratively for faster time to market.