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ISG Recognizes Unisys as Leader in 2023 ISG Provider Lens™ Private/Hybrid Cloud Quadrant Reports

Information Services Group (ISG), a global technology research and advisory firm, has recognized Unisys as a managed hosting and services leader in its 2023 Private/Hybrid Cloud — Data Center Services quadrant reports. ISG’s reports assess service providers that are at the forefront of developing, enabling and delivering private cloud, hybrid cloud and data center outsourcing capabilities. Unisys has demonstrated its expertise as a leading private/hybrid cloud services provider in three key sectors: U.S. midmarket, U.S . public sector and U.K. midmarket.

Dive into the quadrant reports

Reflecting Unisys’ depth of expertise and continuous innovation, ISG has listed Unisys as a leader and product and market challenger in the recently released quadrant reports.

Leaders in the quadrant reports have a comprehensive product and service offering, strong delivery capability and established competitive position. Leaders’ product portfolios and competitive strategies represent innovative strength and competitive stability, according to ISG.

These reports summarize the relative capabilities of 25 qualified managed services providers in the U.S., 17 qualified managed hosting services providers and 24 qualified managed services providers in the U.S. public sector, and 26 qualified managed services providers for midmarket in the U.K.

In the U.S. quadrant report, ISG cited Unisys for its DevOps-oriented approach, infrastructure management and managed security expertise.

“Unisys offers a comprehensive portfolio of traditional and hybrid cloud-managed services to help clients with transformation engagements that are cost-effective, secure and efficient by leveraging proprietary CloudForte® Assets Suite,” said Shashank Rajmane, Principal Analyst, ISG Provider Lens™

In the U.S. Public Sector quadrant report, ISG classified Unisys as a leader in managed hosting and services. Unisys’ strengths in public cloud consulting and solutions, digital service management and security expertise were highlighted in the analysis.

“Outstanding public sector presence and robust hosting experience make Unisys a leader in managed hosting services for U.S. public sector clients,” said Bruce Guptil, Principal Analyst, ISG Provider Lens™.

In the U.K. report, Unisys was distinguished as a leader in midmarket managed services by ISG. Notably, ISG highlighted Unisys' strengths, which encompass a robust solution portfolio, exceptional automation capabilities and advanced cybersecurity capabilities.

“Unisys is known for its ability to seamlessly transition its end-users from mainframe and the data centers to cloud environments using its automation capabilities and building on orchestration and cybersecurity resiliency,” said Rohan Thomas, Senior Lead Analyst, ISG Provider Lens™.