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Get your automation right: optimize performance, quality and security of your hybrid cloud

Evolve your cloud strategy with automation

Is your hybrid cloud helping your business be more efficient? Are your IT resources bogged down with manual provisioning, daily management, and allocation of cloud resources? Continually striking the right balance between performance, security, and compliance objectives is essential to optimizing your hybrid cloud. These activities not only demand a lot of work but require expertise and precision, essentially taking your IT resources’ time away from core business activities. Besides, unintentional human errors can cost your organization millions of dollars in security breaches and irreparable reputational damages.

Why Cloud Automation Is for You?

Your organization may be grappling with challenges in determining how to best plan, design and deploy your cloud workloads on public, hybrid and cloud native environments. To have your cloud functioning at optimal levels, you need to identify redundant resources and modify allocation as needed. Not only that, your IT resources need to comply with varied security policies coming out of different cloud providers while deploying applications or workloads in the clouds as post provisioning activities. A lack of automation can lead to the absorption of the majority of human productivity into purely release-related activities.

What If You Could Optimize Your Hybrid Cloud?

Cloud automation can help your IT operations team deliver on their prime goal of optimizing the cloud. With self-service provisioning, cloud automation can help your organization reap additional benefits beyond reducing manual labor. Optimized rapid deployment of cloud resources can help you respond more quickly, and proactively, to slowdowns and outages, with less effort. Consequently, your organization can improve time to market your products, and decrease risk.

Improved Performance: Your organization can have a structured approach to architect, and scale your cloud workloads as well as be informed about the best practices. You will have visibility and insights into your cloud usage, compute cost as well as resource management. You can also automatically back up your data, to ensure business continuity and resilience.

Improved Quality: You can seamlessly provision resources and ensure compliance with company policies while deploying applications or work-loads in the clouds as post provisioning activities.

Improved Security and Governance: As you automate your routine tasks, you can patch in security best practices to your workflows, and put in stringent security practices into your deployments, and limit your exposure to security risk and vulnerabilities.