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Beyond boundaries: Exploring the digital workplace and intelligent workplace services

April 30, 2024 / Unisys Corporation

Short on time? Read the key takeaways:

  • In digital workplaces, coworkers collaborate seamlessly across platforms, untethered from physical spaces.
  • Digital workplaces empower employees with personalized, secure devices and tools for heightened engagement and productivity.
  • The digital workplace's adaptability allows it to evolve and align with an organization's unique needs.
  • The shift from traditional offices accommodates a hybrid workforce through smart automation and secure technologies enabling frictionless, fortified operations.

In the past decade, the landscape of modern work has undergone significant shifts, accelerated by global events, societal changes and technological progress. This evolution has fundamentally altered our concept of the workplace, moving it beyond physical boundaries.

Central to this transformation is the concept of the digital workplace. It extends far beyond mere device procurement or technology adoption, inherently reshaping how organizations operate when untethered from physical office spaces.

What is a digital workplace?

A digital workplace is an integrated environment designed to foster collaboration, enhance employee engagement and agility, and harness advanced technologies for optimal productivity. This ecosystem seamlessly combines various applications, data, devices and services, working in unison to offer a streamlined and empowering digital experience.

Digital workplaces surmount geographical limitations and break down communication barriers by enabling digital workers to collaborate securely across various platforms. From sharing time-zone-adjusted calendars to conducting global video conferences, the digital workplace caters to a spectrum of needs. At its most intricate, it transforms into a fully automated, remote work environment powered by enterprise collaboration platforms, mobile devices, cloud computing, robust cybersecurity and AI and ML technologies.

The beauty of the digital workplace lies in its versatility. The contours of this digital landscape are not one-size-fits-all but instead are defined by the unique nature of your business goals. Whether you're seeking to strengthen your digital foundation or envision a robust and fully automated infrastructure, the digital workplace adapts to your requirements.

What are intelligent workplace services?

The physical confines of traditional offices have given way to digital workplace transformations centered on flexibility, which accommodate office-based employees alongside hybrid and remote workers. Intelligent workplace services are reshaping the IT support experience with smart automation, predictive maintenance, digital experience monitoring, intelligent device refresh and omnichannel support, including secure self-service portals and AI-powered help desks. These are just a few examples of intelligent workplace services you can leverage to create a frictionless, secure digital experience for all users, anywhere, anytime.

The digital workplace across industries

The digital workplace isn't confined to a single domain; the concept has permeated nearly every industry. Retail, healthcare and manufacturing are not immune to the allure of the digital workplace. Retailers now wield modern workplace services to manage inventory and process transactions seamlessly. Meanwhile, travel, hospitality and food service organizations embrace mobile technology for check-ins, food orders and reservation confirmations.

Embark on your digital workplace transformation

With a wealth of experience, Unisys champions digital workplace solutions that amplify productivity and drive business outcomes. Our digital workplace experts partner with enterprises to ensure employees can operate effectively and securely, whether working from a traditional office, the field or the comfort of home.

Embrace a modern workplace where collaboration knows no bounds and efficiency is the norm. Start your digital workplace transformation with Unisys.

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