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C-Suite Insight

In 2018, Henkel’s leaders needed to accelerate the digital transformation of the business to strengthen relationships with employees, customers and consumers. The diversified maker of chemicals and consumer goods also sought to reduce the cost of provisioning and supporting workplace technology to its more than 53,000 employees. In less than two years, Henkel would confront the COVID crisis and move more than 46,000 members of its workforce home with the same level of access to high-performing services they had enjoyed in the office.

“With our digital transformation, we are headed to becoming more customer and consumer centric,” said Bart Kerkman, Henkel’s Head of Service Delivery. “The value of Unisys as a partner is getting top-notch services when it comes to the more traditional IT process services and gaining access and insights to the new digital trends and innovations.”

Digital transformation demands cultural changes to help employees adapt to new resources and processes. Henkel engaged Unisys to deliver and manage support, including its support ticketing platform. The decision prepared them for the pandemic so that even as the virus surprised the world, Henkel pivoted to a virtual digital workplace in days instead of months. Additionally, Unisys provided a remote printing solution that enabled workers to distribute confidential documents securely.


Proven methodology

The Unisys approach to organizational change management focuses on our clients' success factors, enabling better adoption and utilization of technology with sustained employee benefits. Enhanced support at Henkel and home offices has translated into improved productivity. Employees can drop in for expert IT support and learning experiences at Henkel’s Tec-Stop location at several business hubs or tap remote support for the same level of assistance.

“With the service we are providing together with Unisys, we are helping our users, but in the end, we are helping consumers,” said Markus Petraksays, Henkel’s Head of Digital Workplace. “What I like most about working with Unisys is three simple things: speed, agility and trust.”

Results and benefits

Unisys Digital Workplace Solutions have helped Henkel manage supply chain issues and keep its products moving to customers around the world.

  • Enhanced employee productivity and improved ticket-resolution rates.
  • Increased employee satisfaction by providing secure, fast and innovative support.
  • Reduced service-delivery costs
  • Transitioned a global workforce to productive remote work in two

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