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C-Suite Insight

Customer and employee engagement and satisfaction shape every Bancolombia business decision. The bank proudly touts its social and economic equity goals and operates on the leading edge of a youth revolution reshaping the global workforce. Eighty percent of its new employees are young digital natives who expect the workplace to reflect their values and familiarity with technology. With 85% of its transactions representing 44% of sales volume completed through digital channels, cloud-enabled digital workplace services are essential to Bancolombia’s success in the 21st Century.

Unisys has provided Bancolombia with security and outsourced data infrastructure, including the nation’s first outsourced ATM system, for 47 years. Because its mission-critical factoring service, the basis of internal financial decision-making, ran in a physical environment with a ClearPath® MCP-managed server that could take two hours to switch over to Disaster Recovery (DR) mode, the DR system needed to be replaced.

Bancolombia turned to Unisys for a reliable, fast VMware cloud DR alternative and improved on-site IT support, including replacing malfunctioning employee devices. Our solution brought the business back up after an incident in a few minutes, which would have previously taken two hours.

Enduring innovation, leading-edge experience

Decreased TCO by 90%

“Unisys has provided Bancolombia with innovative solutions for more than four decades. Their services have evolved with us to ensure that we continually enhance our digital banking portfolio to improve the lives of our customers,” said Jorge Ospina, Bancolombia’s Chief Information Officer.

Younger workers’ expectations that tech problems get solved quickly inspired our opening three Tech Cafés staffed by Unisys support engineers at key Bancolombia locations. The cafés feature technology vending machines, allowing an employee with a tech problem to quickly replace a mouse, peripheral or other IT asset in minutes, not the hours or days it took before our solution was in place.

A workplace prepared for unexpected crisis

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic made digital business continuity an existential issue. Bancolombia needed to keep employees productive at home and in the office. With Unisys, Bancolombia was prepared. “Unisys ensures the satisfaction of our users because their computer systems are always working,” Ospina said. Our preparation preserved the initial gains in employee and customer experience, even as the virus changed Bancolombia’s day-to-day operations. The bank:

  • Improved employee satisfaction and reduced downtime associated with day-to-day IT issues, making Bancolombia a more attractive place to work for young recruits
  • Improved recovery time for mission-critical factoring services while reducing downtime by 50% and shrinking the total cost of ownership for its DR service by 90%

Unisys works every day to make our clients’ business and application environment more secure, perform better and more financially sustainable. We do digital workplace solutions really well.



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