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The Unisys Approach

Job Service North Dakota evolved its ClearPath® MCP Software Series over several decades and generations of IT infrastructure – but it needed to migrate its operations to the cloud rapidly. Many members of the organization’s IT staff were preparing to retire when COVID-19 surged in 2020. Suddenly, JSND was confronted with a 350% increase in unemployment claims* and the burden of distributing more than $1 billion in CARES and FFRCA payments to residents. JSND turned to Unisys for help.

In less than 90 days Unisys developers were able to augment and later step in for, retiring staff and migrated JSND’s custom software to GovCloud on Microsoft Azure using CloudForte® Azure Site Recovery.

A timely migration

Served 350% more citizens

JSND’s on-premises hardware solutions limited the agency’s digital transformation strategy. ClearPath MCP remained a vital platform for implementing state and federal requirements, but they required a way to integrate emerging technologies. The agency was still running DOS batch programs and backing up data to physical tape, which could have required up to two weeks to restore service after a disaster event. The potential retirement of long-serving programmers and the pandemic also called for a comprehensive response.

The agency now runs its unemployment insurance applications solely in the cloud on Microsoft Azure, eliminating its dependence on physical hardware. JSND reports that its disaster recovery time has been reduced from as long as two weeks to a few minutes, while reduced data center capital costs have created new opportunities to integrate other systems using ClearPath MCP. With the new platform and experienced Unisys cloud developers, the agency has extended the life of its custom application services codebase by a decade.

Robust results

“JSND no longer has to worry about power space cooling and housing that mainframe. The agency extended the life of its software by 10 years and has peace of mind that its systems will function securely with improved management and customizability,” said Ryan Alexander, Unisys Account Director.

The cloud-based platform:

  • Served 350% more citizens as claims between March and April 2020 rose to 35,600, from 9,500 the previous year*
  • Processed and paid 14 times more claims – 280,000, up from 20,000 – which totaled more than $1 billion in benefits from April 2020 to Oct. 2021. It had previously paid only $80 million in benefits annually

Unisys does cloud really well

You can be sure your project will be completed on time, on budget and will surpass your expectations — even when you’re facing historic challenges.

*Source: U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics


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