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The Unisys Approach

One in every 20 Americans with a college degree is a graduate of the California State University system. When CSU needed to virtualize student, financial and administrative services for its vast student body as part of its Graduation Initiative 2025, it engaged Unisys.

We deployed teams of multi-skilled cloud engineers and architects with deep backgrounds in security, educational administration and hybrid on-premises/cloud data management platforms. The resulting secure hybrid cloud architecture delivered engaging impact on student experiences better tailored to support each campus and its culture. The student impact was tremendous, as graduation rates climbed from approximately 40% to 60% in three years.

Savings and improved support

30% better system performance with 33% cost savings

The hybrid-cloud computing environment enabled CSU to derive new and unexpected benefits. CSU has lowered its total cost of technology ownership and produced a financially sustainable infrastructure with simplified support requirements and improved analytics. Unisys Cloud and Infrastructure Solutions also accelerated and better integrated support for local campus digital strategies. With these changes, CSU achieved 30% better system performance while realizing a 33% cost savings, even as CSU transformed into one of the world’s largest online universities during the pandemic.

Cloud-enabled education delivered

After more than 30 years of operating an on-premises centralized computing infrastructure, CSU’s hybrid-cloud transformation enabled the university to accomplish many goals, including:

  • Make education available on a more flexible, agile and on-demand basis that allows administrators to reimagine the students’ and staff’s experience
  • Allow professors to develop breakthrough interactive experiences and offer an online curriculum to expand access to educational content
  • Enable students to break free from long lines required to register for classes or apply for financial aid and spend more time learning
  • Analyze data to develop and create the right and timely interventions to better support students in pursuit of their degrees and graduation timelines

Unisys does cloud really well. From strategy through implementation, operations and optimization, our goal is to make cloud adoption and modernization easier and more

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