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Yes, You Can Offer a Safer Travel Experience

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Yes, You Can Offer a Safer Travel Experience - overview

Short on time? Here's an overview:

You need to assure passengers that you have the proper controls to help prevent COVID-19 infected individuals from entering your carriers. U-Pass™, the fully integrated web and mobile digital pass, helps make that assurance possible.

No matter what course COVID-19 takes, U-Pass™, the fully integrated, secure digital pass, helps make travel safer again

Confronting COVID-19 uncertainty

As one of the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic – with the travel industry losing billions of dollars during the worst of it, forced to scrap vessels, mothball planes, and defer investments – you recognize the urgency of bringing passengers back and filling planes, trains, and cruise ships again.

People are more than ready to travel again – and are doing so. Having been cooped up for months on end, taking a trip on your airline or cruise line is more appealing than ever. For pleasure, for business, to visit loved ones, or just to go, all are eager to make up for canceled vacations, missed holidays, family visits, and travel deals put on hold.

But as the world tries to recover from the pandemic, it’s a ragged recovery, confounding travelers as well as all the carriers. Vaccinations are required. Or maybe not. COVID-19 cases are declining. Variants are emerging. Boosters might or might not be required. Some destinations are safe today, but may not be tomorrow. Trying to predict demand and ensure sufficient capacity where and when needed is a challenge for you. Even when the endemic replaces the pandemic, concerns may linger on both sides.

While the urge to travel may be soaring, many prospective travelers are wary and may hold you responsible for protecting them, risk waivers or not. A leading law journal urges readers to prepare for personal injury litigation in the age of COVID-19. This potential provides even more incentive to implement controls that minimize the risk of spreading the virus.

Unisys U-Pass, the fully integrated web and mobile digital pass, helps make that control possible.