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Yes, You Can Fill Your Venue With Large Crowds Again

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Yes, You Can Fill Your Venue With Large Crowds Again - Overview

Short on time? Here’s an overview:

In a world of COVID-19 uncertainty, to bring your attendees and staff together at full capacity, while making them comfortable in large crowds again, you need to have proper health and safety controls. U-Pass™ enables your organization to fill your venues again by helping to provide a safer place for your audiences to indulge their pleasures and passions.

No matter what course COVID-19 takes, U-Pass™, the fully integrated, secure digital pass, helps make in-person events safer

As the world works to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many starts and stops. It’s a ragged recovery that has confounded sponsors of big events and their audiences.

Vaccinations may or may not be required. COVID-19 cases are declining. Variants are emerging. Boosters may or may not be required. Different locales have different laws and regulations. And when the endemic replaces the pandemic, what challenges will persist for you and for your audiences as you stage your events?

Regardless of COVID-19’s course, your mission and financial future requires you to make full utilization of your venue’s capacity. Underattended events have exacted brutal losses. According to the American Institute for Economic Research, two of the sectors hardest hit by the lockdowns were arts and entertainment. Disney lost $1.4 billion in just the first quarter of the pandemic. Early estimates for the cost of Broadway’s shutdown came to $565 million.

You also need to put your skilled employees back to work before they find other employment. Your customers are eager to return. The sight of facilities filled with thousands of sports fans, concertgoers, theme park enthusiasts, churchgoers, and others makes it clear that people have grown weary of lockdowns and are longing to unite over shared pleasures and passions.

But the old normal is elusive. Many people remain fearful of infection and hold you responsible for protecting them from it, risk waivers or not. A leading law journal urges readers to prepare for personal injury litigation in the age of COVID-19.