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Keep Them On Campus – Your Students, Instructors, and Staff

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Keep Them On Campus – Your Students, Instructors, and Staff - overview

Short on time? Here’s an overview:

​With U-Pass™, you can easily check incoming students and staff against a variety of criteria and credentials while tying those results to your physical access systems. Its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model requires no additional hardware or software for you to deploy and maintain. You can validate test results (pass/fail) on the spot and keep the appropriate records on returning individuals to ensure a safer environment.

No matter what course COVID-19 takes, U-Pass™, the fully integrated, secure digital pass, helps make in-person learning safer

School is open. School is closed. Dorms are full. Dorms are empty. Vaccinations are required. Or maybe not. COVID-19 cases are declining. Variants are emerging. Boosters may or may not be required.

In today’s swirl of COVID-19-related uncertainty and chaos, university and K-12 administrators can be certain of three things: First, COVID-19 remains a threat requiring vigilance and safeguards. Second, you can’t predict mandates or variants while the pandemic continues. Third, the mission of education is vital to everyone – too critical to remain diminished.

The High Cost of Education’s Closures

COVID-19’s forced shift to virtual learning was better than no learning, but it came at a high cost. Universities lost millions in tuition revenue even while they were forced to spend millions to accommodate virtual classes and create safer facilities for in-person students. Community colleges suffered as many of their trade courses transfer poorly to online learning because they require students to learn how to use tools and handle equipment. Tuition payments plummeted as students dropped out.

Students were shortchanged. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, there were large reductions in passing rates between 2020-2021…. The decline was significantly larger in districts that offered less access to in-person schooling. A Rand report found that the pandemic “lowered teacher morale and contributed to increased burnout.” Parents’ employment suffered as they stayed home to teach and care for children.

School and university boards are under tremendous pressure to keep their facilities open and restore extracurricular activities and events. It’s essential, it’s possible, and it’s safe with Unisys U-Pass.