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Compete Better and Retain Talent With a Safer, Healthier Workplace

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Compete Better and Retain Talent With a Safer, Healthier Workplace - overview

Short on time? Here's an overview:

With U-Pass™, you can easily check incoming employees against a variety of criteria and credentials while tying those results to your physical access systems. Its Software-as-a-Service (SasS) delivery model requires no additional hardware or software for you to deploy and maintain. You can validate test results (pass/fail) on the spot and keep the appropriate records on returning individuals to ensure a safer environment.

No matter what course COVID-19 takes, U-Pass™, the fully integrated, secure digital pass, helps make your workplace safer again

Uncertainty confronts you at every turn as you settle on the right safety measures for your in-person workplace. Vaccinations may or may not be required. COVID-19 cases are declining. Variants are emerging. Boosters might or might not be required. Even when the endemic replaces the pandemic, concerns may linger on both sides – management and employees.

You can’t predict the course that COVID-19 will take, but you know that an empty workplace is probably not sustainable.

  • Millions of jobs cannot be performed from home
  • Even those employees who work remotely can suffer from difficulty in collaborating
  • Tacit knowledge – the kind that comes only from imitation, emulation, and apprenticeship – is jeopardized by virtual work
  • Some employees find remote work to be isolating, to the detriment of morale
  • Leaders are challenged to cultivate a unifying corporate culture among remote employees
  • Many worry that problems – e.g., employee dissatisfaction – are hard to detect in time to remedy – especially worrisome today when employee retention is a significant challenge for many organizations

If you need your employees – some, many, or all – in the workplace to perform with excellence and compete successfully in today’s demanding environment, Unisys has the answer. U-Pass™ Digital Pass can help mitigate the risk of COVID-19 by putting proper safety controls in place.