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Philippine concern about security issues is highest of all countries surveyed


Key findings in Philippines

The Unisys Security Index measures concerns of consumers on issues related to national, personal, financial and Internet security around the world. 93% of Filipinos are concerned about unauthorised access to, or misuse of, personal information. Learn more about concerns in the other areas.

Philippine Consumers’ Concern About Security Issues is 40 Percent Higher than the Global Average

Identity theft and natural disasters are the top areas of concern

EXTRAPhilippine Public’s Support for Internet of Things, Wearable Biometrics and Data Analytics

Filipinos selective about sharing personal information via Internet of Things, wearables and data analytics

Approximately nine in ten Filipinos are seriously concerned about identity theft, credit card/debit fraud and computer security reflecting the very real threat that their personal details may be stolen and sold on the dark web – highlighted by last year’s breach of the Philippine voter registry database.

John Kendall
Director of Border and National Security Programs, Unisys


Read the 2017 Unisys Security Index findings for Philippines

The attitudes of consumers around the world are dramatically changing, at the same time that their anxiety over security is dramatically increasing.

The 2017 survey

Conducted in 13 countries across North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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