Unisys Security Index™ Belgium

Unisys Security Index™ Belgium

Belgian’s top three fears are identity theft, bankcard fraud and national security in relation to war or terrorism


Key findings in Belgium

The Unisys Security Index measures concerns of consumers on issues related to national, personal, financial and Internet security around the world. The Belgian public continue to be concerned about bankcard fraud, with 56% seriously concerned. Learn more about concerns in the other areas.

Concerns in Belgium over national, financial, internet and personal security have increased significantly

Overall levels of security concern in Belgium have risen by 20% since 2012

NEW80% of Belgians are in favor of an emergency button on their connected devices to share their location with the police in case of emergency

Most Belgians have no objections in sharing personal information with police and healthcare providers via Internet of Things, as long as they keep control

The younger generations are more intuitive with new technology and see it as a ‘norm’ within their daily lives, which means they feel more in control and less exposed to negative experiences. It’s therefore even more important that service providers build sufficiently advanced security software into the systems that consumers trust.

Rudolf de Schipper
Senior Project Manager, Unisys


Read the 2017 Unisys Security Index findings for Belgium

The attitudes of consumers around the world are dramatically changing, at the same time that their anxiety over security is dramatically increasing.

The 2017 survey

Conducted in 13 countries across North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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