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Theme: Open innovation

Open innovation has revolutionized problem-solving and strategies for organizations. The Unisys Innovation Program invites ideas across all domains, from technical to business. This theme champions collaboration, inclusivity and open-source principles, creating an environment that fosters creativity. We welcome ideas that positively impact society and the environment.

Open innovation is a versatile concept applicable across various industries. Embrace the ethos of open innovation, liberate yourself from conventional limitations and explore novel pathways to address real-world challenges. Here are some open innovation topics you can explore as part of our program:

  • Healthtech and medical innovations: Drive advancements in healthcare with open innovation. Explore breakthroughs in medical devices, telemedicine platforms, digital health solutions and personalized medicine approaches.
  • Smart cities and urban mobility: Transform urban living through open innovation. Shape smarter cities with efficient transportation systems, intelligent infrastructure and data-driven urban planning.
  • Circular economy initiatives: Embrace open innovation to promote resource efficiency and minimal waste. Focus on sustainable product design, recycling technologies and sharing economy platforms.
  • Education technology (edtech): Harness open innovation for educational improvement. Revolutionize education with edtech solutions, eLearning platforms, AI-based personalized learning and digital educational resources.
  • Fintech innovations: Drive financial technology forward through open innovation. Enhance payment systems, blockchain applications, digital banking solutions and inclusive financial services.
  • Social impact initiatives: Champion open innovation projects addressing critical social issues. Contribute to poverty alleviation, access to clean water, sanitation solutions and community development programs.
  • Disaster response and resilience: Explore open innovation projects that enhance disaster preparedness and recovery efforts. Develop early warning systems and post-disaster recovery solutions.

These topics merely scratch the surface of the limitless potential of open innovation. As our world evolves, open innovation remains a powerful tool to confront complex challenges and unlock fresh opportunities for progress.