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ARN from IDG: Cyber Education Alone Will Not Stop Australia's Cyber Attacks

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Unisys' Gergana Winzer calls on wider cyber security industry to come together in helping Australia's "weakest links" fend off breaches

Last month, the Australian Information Commissioner Angelene Falk publicly bemoaned the “human factor” for causing a spike in data breaches. However, according to one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading cyber security players, blaming employees working from home falls short of addressing the whole story. Speaking to ARN, Gergana Winzer, industry director cyber security for Unisys Asia Pacific, said the region’s weakest links are small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – which are in turn the most underserved by both governments and the cyber industry as a whole.

Gergana Winzer

Gergana Winzer

Gergana Winzer is the Industry Director of Cybersecurity, responsible for Asia Pacific at Unisys. She is a passionate advocate and thought leader for cybersecurity as well as female leadership and women in IT.