Unisys Federal Leadership Team

Catherine Urban

Prior to joining Unisys, Catherine was Vice President of Business Operations and Finance at ASRC Federal for the Engineering, Aerospace, Mission Systems Operating Group where she managed and directed business operations and the full life-cycle of financials for the operating group including strategic planning and target setting.

Before her tenure at ASRC Federal, Catherine was a Finance and Administration Director at CSC. She led business and finance aspects for the separation of $100M of CSC Navy work to Mission Solutions LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of CSC and became its Chief Financial Officer. Thereafter, she was responsible for the logistics of the successful divesture of Mission Solutions, LLC from CSC to ASRC Federal.

Catherine holds a Masters of Business Administration from Marymount University and a Bachelor’s degree from Providence College. She is a member of the Unisys Inclusion and Diversity Council. As Chief Financial Officer of Unisys U.S. Federal Systems, she is responsible for financial accountability and measuring the achievement of financial targets for the federal business.


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