Unisys Cares - The/Nudge

Preparing for the Next Steps

The/Nudge Foundation focuses on alleviating poverty by building a strong life, learning and economic foundation. The/Nudge equips impoverished individuals with the all around development of life, literacy and livelihood skills.

Unisys believes in eliminating poverty through education and maintaining positive soft skills. This partnership allows Unisys associates to support and mentor young adults to expand their knowledge.

Unisys India sponsors students for vocational skill training at The/Nudge Foundation. Unisys India associates engage in multiple activities with the students to help them obtain lifelong skills through support and mentoring.

Inauguration ceremony of Unisys sponsored batch at Nudge foundation

Graduation ceremony for students from the Nudge Foundation finishing "Beautician training." Unisys sponsored these 29 young girls in helping them take on the challenges of life with support and learning provided by Nudge.