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Celebrating “Children's Day” in Brazil


Casa de Jacira is a philanthropic institution founded in 1945, and for over 70 years has provided charity to the most needy people. The daycare center operates full-time and supports children from 3 to 6 years old living in the communities of Chacrinha, Matinha, Turano, Salgueiro, Borel and others. The school and childcare is for the children of parents that can´t afford one in Rio de Janeiro city, Brazil. These children come from favelas in the Tijuca neighborhood and have very difficult lives. Some of them would never have access to education if it were not for this place.

October is the month of the year that “Children's Day” is celebrated in Brazil. To celebrate it, on Friday, October 18th, many Unisys associates donated their time and money to organize, cook, decorate, serve and play with 76 children from four to seven years old in a party at Casa da Jacira.

We had a lot of dancing, food and playing in a super hero themed party. By the end of the day each child received a gift with some candies, a toothbrush, and a mini magic blackboard. It was not clear to the adults if the children or the Unisys associates had more fun but for sure this day was truly important to both.

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