Welcome New York State Office of Information Technology Services

ITS Contract # C000290
Equipment Offerings, Software Product Offerings and Maintenance Offerings

Unisys Corporation is pleased to provide the State of New York Office of Information Technology Services with information detailing the product and service offerings available under this contract.

Our mission is to enable government agencies and educational institutions to improve the operational efficiencies of their mission-critical environments in cost-effective and innovative ways. We combine our expertise in consulting, systems integration, outsourcing, infrastructure, and server technology to streamline, optimize, and secure business operations.

Unisys manages data centers, modernizes critical applications, and supports the end users of some of the largest organizations on earth, while keeping everything safe and secure. When it comes to protecting your data, systems, and citizens, we deliver the best combination of industry and subject matter expertise. Governments throughout the United States and around the world trust Unisys to help them solve their business problems through systems that optimize the organization and secure the enterprise.

Unisys understands government requirements and can deliver solutions that address the unparalleled challenges of today, manage ongoing fiscal constraints, and enhance security. We combine our understanding of the public sector and our technology expertise to deliver solutions that allow you to stretch tax dollars and improve service to citizens.