​​Florida Mainframe and Other Software Contract

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Contract Term:
May 18, 2009 - May 13, 2017

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Mainframe Software
Balance of Line Software

Data Center Consolidation:
Specific to the State of Florida’s legislatively mandated data center consolidations, should the initial Software Licensee either (a) transfer its use of the Software to another location, or (b) transfer the Software license acquired under this Contract to another State department or agency, and which relocation and/or license transfer is pursuant to a data center consolidation, the vendor agrees that it shall not charge any transfer fees, license upgrade fees, or additional maintenance fees against the initial licensee or the transferee licensee, as applicable, due to the relocation or license transfer, provided that the initial Licensee’s use of the license and the use of the license at the consolidated data center (if the initial Licensee has not transferred the license), or the transferee Licensee’s use of the license(s), are logically partitioned into a virtual server with the equivalent processing, memory and storage within the consolidated data center’s mainframe as the mainframe previously used by the initial Licensee.

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Joanne Diorio