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Gain better control of your devices. Give a better experience to your workers.

Employees are struggling to connect and access resources and data. Onboarding can take days, even weeks. And IT departments are overloaded with support and security requirements.

The productivity of your workers is closely tied to the devices they use – and in today’s “office-less office,” those devices are constantly growing in number, variety, and complexity. On the other hand, you have the responsibility of securing these multiplying devices against cyberattacks.

Data viz Modern Device Management

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Delivering a great experience for end users, while making life easier for IT

Modern Device Management empowers digital workers by giving them centralized access to corporate resources and applications, and securing their devices against cyberattacks. With your fleet of devices fully protected, your digital workers have the flexibility to do their jobs in ways that fit their individual role requirements and unique work patterns.

Unisys Modern Device Management
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A solution that manages and protects the full fleet of devices ahead of issues

MDM provides a single, central location to manage the full fleet of devices, whether traditional, mobile, or virtual across the enterprise. MDM delivers advanced business intelligence, data management, and reporting capabilities to efficiently provision, track, image, secure, deploy, and manage all devices and applications in your environment across traditional, virtual, mobile, or emerging technologies.