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Security Consulting Services

Security Consulting Services

Trusted partners for managing your global security risk

Protecting your business and data against sophisticated and well-funded cyber criminals -- while meeting security compliance regulations -- is getting more difficult every day. Unisys’ strategic consultants are industry experts who have lived through the same security challenges you are facing, and who can help you move forward with confidence.

Our strategic IT security consulting approach allows you to align your business and technology to processes, tools and techniques commensurate to your organization’s tolerance for risk, while systematically moving to a more efficient security program.

We have extensive experience delivering the best defenses against advanced threats that our customers’ mission-critical environments require. We also understand that incidents will happen – Zero-day threats, insider attacks, unpatched servers; these things are an unfortunate reality. The challenge is to immediately detect and remedy these breaches.

Our strategy consists of:

  • Craft comprehensive incident response plans
  • Develop eDiscovery programs to ensure the organization is prepared for litigation
  • Implement a program to respond to obligatory breach notification
  • Manage public confidence and brand integrity

Our Offering

As part of our security consulting services, we work with you to architect a security program that enables your organization to reduce the attack surface to the accepted risk level, maintain efficiencies, meet regulatory mandates and manage security over your global supply chain.

Strategic Consulting

We can help you secure data today while moving your organization to a more efficient security program. Our trusted advisors provide executive advisory services on security, compliance, strategic planning, and mobile device security strategies, while meeting corporate goals to reduce overhead.

Technical Consulting

We perform vulnerability and threat assessments along with eDiscovery forensic data analysis, traffic flow analysis for network slowdowns, legacy application security, and EDRM for litigious events – for both incident and non-incident related security.

Incident Response

Our solution helps mitigate network breaches by combining fast response reactions from skilled security experts, and strong recovery management programs with proactively resilient systems implementations and business-driven incident response plans.

Systems Integration

We provide industry-specific expertise to save time and money on implementing security solutions that best protect you against security attacks.

Partner with Unisys to Maximize the ROI of your Technology Investments

Our consultants are committed to your security excellence, and we understand the complexities that exist in unlocking the value promise of leading-edge technology. Leverage our IT security consulting services to:

  • Architect a plan to save money and control budgets by extending your data center into multiple cloud environments securely.
  • Enable the privacy and security of your virtual machines in private or public clouds with our Cloud Solutions.
  • Understand the benefits of migration to more efficient platforms with our trusted advisors, who can help architect a plan across your distributed infrastructure.
  • Proactively identify intruders on your network and extend the security within your data centers to mobile applications and devices.​