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Incident Response Ecosystem

Incident Response Ecosystem

Essential preparation for the inevitable security breach

Cyber threats continue to become more sophisticated and intensify with each passing year. Organizations of all sizes face a variety of unique challenges and need to be prepared to respond when an incident occurs.

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Essential preparation for the inevitable security breach

The dynamic threat landscape has increased the need for organizations to have effective incident response (IR) capabilities. The proliferation of technology in the enterprise, coupled with well-funded adversaries and highly publicized security breaches, means that every organization must have an IR plan and be prepared to use it. The worst time to realize that you aren’t as prepared as you need to be is during a cybersecurity breach. Without a proven plan or strategy, critical decisions are being made without a coordination, priority or direction. This can lead to suboptimal choices that can affect the duration and impact of a cybersecurity breach.

Unisys Incident Response Ecosystem is a subscription service that provides organizations with a defensible position by proactively maturing their IR program and deploying incident handlers at a moment’s notice. Unisys IR consultants work with your team on quarterly consulting engagements to refine your organization’s incident response plan, prepare your team to respond and improve your IR maturity.

Additionally, our incident response services provide quarterly consulting activities designed to improve client’s IR capabilities before a cybersecurity breach occurs including:

  • Incident response policy review - Comparison of existing IR documentation against industry best practices to identify gaps and provide recommendations to mitigate identified issues.

  • Threat hunting - Detect suspicious or potentially malicious activity within the network environment leveraging industry standard best practices.

  • Consulting gap assessment - Delivers a maturity and capability score based on a customized evaluation of an organization’s existing security program.

  • Endpoint assessment - A phase-based methodology to assess the present state of the endpoint security environment, identify unknown threat activity, and suggest remediation.

  • Tabletop exercise - On-site, scenario-driven exercise designed to help organizations improve their cyberattack preparedness and resilience through practical exercise and experience.

  • Operational benchmark - Assessment of an organization’s operational readiness to detect and respond to modern cybersecurity threats via simulating cybersecurity attacks.

By partnering with Unisys, organizations around the world are able to not only respond effectively to cybersecurity breaches but also assess and mature their incident response programs for improved readiness and resiliency.

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