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Cloud Security Solutions

Cloud Security Solutions


  • Security Advisory Consulting
  • Digital Identity and Access Management
  • Managed Security Services


  • Stealth(identity)™
  • Stealth(core)™
  • CloudForte® Assure™

When security and compliance are essential, trust Unisys

The world’s most demanding organizations trust Unisys to deliver hybrid and multi-cloud solutions, securely and at scale. A long history of providing secure cloud solutions for highly regulated private and public sector organizations testifies to Unisys’ ability to protect your most sensitive digital assets.

By focusing on agile implementation methodologies, Unisys can vastly reduce your exposure to risk faster and with greater accuracy than other providers. Plus, automatic and periodic compliance and security checks and built-in remediation establishes a repeatable process to ensure ongoing protection.

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95% of CIOs expect cybersecurity threats to get worse

Protect your systems. Comply with changing regulations. And keep your business data safe.

The cloud vastly increases your technology footprint. With workloads, devices, and users virtually anywhere, your organization has more potential points of vulnerability that require protection from security threats, data breaches, and other cybersecurity events.

With Unisys, you can infuse data protection at every touchpoint across your expanded IT estate. Our security-first approach ensures that all infrastructure and processes meet or exceed industry standards, guidelines, and best practices – to mitigate risk and keep your digital assets secure.

Security Advisory Consulting Services
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Security advisory consulting services

Security breaches have become more public and costlier than ever. What if you could accurately assess your cybersecurity risk and the corresponding impact on your bottom line? You can with Unisys Security Advisory Consulting services. Align your security initiatives with your business strategy by identifying your cybersecurity risks and prioritizing remediation strategies according to those with the greatest potential for loss.

Digital Identity and Access Management
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Digital identity and access management

You need to ensure that only authorized users access your systems and resources. But traditional password-based access is problematic for a multitude of reasons. With Unisys Digital Identity and Access Management, you can add irrefutable identity and biometric authentication steps within the processes you already have. You’re able to greatly enhance security with access methods that are seamless and simple to use.

Managed Security Services
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Managed security services

Organizations today face pervasive and relentless cyberattacks. With Unisys Managed Security Services, you gain 24x7 monitoring and protection of your entire IT landscape. See your cybersecurity posture in real-time with assurances that your enterprise remains secure and meets compliance requirements. Patented behavioral, ML/AI, contextual big data analytics, and a world-class security team extend threat hunting to complete protection of your distributed applications and assets.

Neutralize the Threat of Unauthorized Access with Unisys Stealth®
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Neutralize the threat of unauthorized access with Unisys Stealth®

Gain seamless security integration and scaling to protect your network from unwanted attacks. Unisys Stealth provides always-on security and resilience across your entire infrastructure – from digital assets to legacy systems. As workloads move from traditional environments to containerized deployments and from on-premise to the cloud, Stealth keeps you secure. With one set of consistent security policies, you’ll keep security identity-centric and built on a foundation of zero trust.

Take charge of multi-cloud security and compliance

Take charge of multi-cloud security and compliance

Many security lapses can be avoided if you configure your cloud environment appropriately. With CloudForte Assure, you can establish continuous security and compliance practices that adhere to the highest industry standards.

Unisys in action

Bancolombia sa

Our digital service priorities were transformed and fast-tracked due to COVID-19. Unisys migrated our factoring business to a fully virtual environment to ensure business continuity with reduced TCO.​

Walter Duque​
Infrastructure Availability Manager
Bancolombia S A

California state university

Our partnership with Unisys allowed us to take an exceptionally complex environment and move it to a hybrid cloud to securely offer services that are reliable and responsive to the needs of half a million students across 23 campuses every day.

Michael Berman​
Chief Information Officer​
California State University​

Georgia technology authority

As the central IT authority for the State of Georgia, we’re committed to improving the overall quality and speed of our services to agencies and citizens. Unisys’ CloudForte solution has brought in greater flexibility, security and speed to market – at a much better price point.

Sunil Aluri
COO, Georgia Technology Authority
State of Georgia

Expands Cloud and Infrastructure

Unisys and CompuGain™

Unisys’ CompuGain provides capabilities in application modernization, cloud-native agile application development, and cloud and hybrid cloud data management, and is designated as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner.

Cloud and Infrastructure
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Cloud solutions for the world’s most demanding organizations

Unisys cloud solutions adhere to the highest security and compliance standards to mitigate risk at each stage of the cloud adoption lifecycle. We design, deploy, and manage flexible and customized cloud solutions that effectively address our clients’ current needs while establishing a foundation to support long-term growth and change.