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Unisys and Inspire Health Alliance Launch U-Pass

Unisys, as part of its relationship with Inspire Health Alliance, announced the availability of U-Pass, a COVID-19 testing and health management solution that can help any public or private operation control who can access their environment, whether it's a building, bus, ship or plane.

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Gain secure access to test results and vaccination status

All organizations, schools and events are vulnerable to pandemic-related risks, disruptions, and shutdowns that could jeopardize critical business operations. To operate safely and remain open, many facilities are mandating frequent testing and proof of vaccination status.

With Unisys U-Pass™ digital pass, you can show pass/fail test results or vaccine status and with permission, access appropriate records on returning visitors and employees to ensure safer workplaces. By tying individual test results and vaccination status to access control, U-Pass provides you with the ability to ensure that only individuals authorized by you gain access.

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Remove the friction from granting secure workplace access

With U-Pass, you can deploy a proven testing and vaccination reporting solution co-developed by Unisys and healthcare partners. Test results and vaccination status are easily implemented in a single integrated web and mobile application.

This flexible, open API, competitively priced SaaS solution provides a comprehensive pathway to operate safely. Access test results, vaccination status, and, with a reliable photo ID such as a passport, validate individual identity by matching the ID with irrefutable identification.

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How U-Pass works

U-Pass is a multi-stakeholder system solution that features a highly scalable Software as-a-Service (SaaS) backend and a user web and mobile app front end that can be quickly integrated into your existing systems. With minimal upfront investment and no additional hardware or software needed, it can be in use at your organization in as quickly as two weeks.

Use cases

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How Do You Stay Open Safely in the New Normal?

Digital health passes help you protect your workplace environment. With U-Pass, you can get back to work safely with secure access to COVID-19 testing results and vaccination cards.

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Get back to work and life more easily

U-Pass digital health pass delivers security authentication best practices derived from industry standards, extensive client experience, and the latest innovations in modeling so you can restore operations while preserving individual privacy.

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