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Collaboration Security and Governance

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Executive Brief

Short on time? Here’s an overview

With the introduction of collaboration to your overall communications stack, there are many additional considerations IT teams need to keep in mind. With increased collaboration and visibility, it’s important to also continue to reduce risk exposure. Unisys offers Collaboration Security, and Governance (CSG), helping manage the balance between collaboration and security for organizations using Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, and Zoom.

It’s risk exposure blind spot

Unisys provides, through its wholly owned subsidiary Unify Square, Collaboration Security and Governance (CSG). Collaboration Security and Governance (CSG) is not one size fits all. Most enterprises have more nuanced requirements when it comes to balancing the needs of their users and locking down security. While many InfoSec teams would prefer to place strict limits, real-world scenarios require more flexibility. Native Microsoft 365 admin tools place rigid restrictions and divide collaboration security and governance functionality among multiple complex consoles. Many policies require varying levels of enforcement, and few large enterprises want to apply blanket policies across their entire environment. Overloaded IT teams must juggle all these competing priorities or face collaboration catastrophe.

Collaboration Management and Security Suite

Meet PowerSuite: Your One Tool to Monitor, Analyze, and Secure Collaboration and Communications Environments

PowerSuite is the first cross-platform software suite to empower IT teams to manage and secure collaboration and communications platforms. With actionable insights to ensure operational excellence and productive end users, PowerSuite delivers a single pane-of-glass view for enterprise meetings, chats, and calls.

Discover: Security Analytics

The first step to securing your collaboration environment is to understand existing issues. Security Analytics surface blind spots across your entire environment, as well as common usage patterns.