Providing a breakthrough, service-based analytics solution

With Unisys partner SSIC, we’ve created a unique, subscription-based service to help security teams continually assess and prioritize cyber risk in economic terms. Using an analytics model developed for cyber insurance companies, this services provides fast, easy, and concise access to cyber risk data, generating financially-based reports that are easily communicated to leadership.

Unveiled at the 2018 Black Hat conference, TrustCheck™ differs from other risk assessment tools in that it operates as a managed service, giving security professionals constantly updated information on their organizations’ cybersecurity posture and recommended steps for remediation.

TrustCheck is powered by X-Analytics®, a patented cyber risk analytics model developed by Secure Systems Innovation Corporation (SSIC). X-Analytics has been used by cyber insurance companies to underwrite billions of dollars’ worth of cyber risk insurance, translating cybersecurity metrics into business metrics.

TrustCheck reduces uncertainty and assumptions in cyber risk management. It enables organizations to:

  • Assess cybersecurity and cyber risk posture in economic terms;
  • Augment traditional gap assessment data with analysis of threats and controls from the client’s existing security products;
  • Determine the likelihood of a cyber-related financial loss;
  • Easily communicate risk-reduction initiatives to the board;
  • Analyze the return on investment of cybersecurity investments;
  • Prioritize risk mitigation activities; and
  • Identify risk transfer zones for all cyber perils.

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