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Digital Journal: Knowledge, Possession, and Inherence are Keys to Unlocking the ‘Cyber-Safe’

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Unisys in the News

Digital Journal interviews Unisys’ Mat Newfield on tips for keeping passwords safe ahead of World Password Day

Unisys’ ​​Chief Security and Infrastructure Officer Mat Newfield is featured in a new interview conducted by Digital Journal on the security risks and common mistakes people make when picking passwords. The article notes that, in light of World Password Day, there are steps that consumers can take to shore up their protection, including multi-factor authentication.​

Mathew Newfield

Mathew Novo campo

Mathew Newfield is senior vice president and Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Unisys. A organização da Chief Security and Infrastructure Officer (CSIO) é composta pelas antigas organizações Unisys Information Technology (UIT) e Chief Information Security Office (CISO). Ela é responsável por fornecer soluções seguras que permitam à empresa atender aos seus clientes de forma mais eficaz e por fornecer serviços internos de TI e segurança em toda a empresa.