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Embrace next-gen logistics

Harness the power of data for logistics management

Logistics management has evolved. The modern customer experience now requires rapid shipping and fulfillment, while organizations are looking to optimize end-to-end value chain efficiency and profitability. Add to the list the need to be flexible enough to adapt in near-real-time to frequent supply chain disruptions your logistics operation faces.

Your transportation management systems and technology must be ready to embrace this new wave of logistics operations. You need to be able to solve complex shipping challenges in a fraction of the time once required. You can do so with an unrivaled combination of quantum computing, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) that has the power to optimize all aspects of your logistics management.

With Unisys Quantum IQ™, you can analyze trillions of complex factors to make decisions to improve how your goods move through the value chain. Optimize space, freight and route processes in near-real-time with an advanced analytics solution that uses quantum annealing to compile disparate data sources. Overcome dark data — unstructured data not mapped or documented — challenges and balance customer experience and cost management.