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Matt Desch

Matthew J. Desch

Mr. Desch has served as Chief Executive Officer and a director of Iridium Communications Inc., a global mobile, voice, and data satellite communications company, since 2009. He previously served as Chief Executive Officer of Iridium Communications Inc.’s predecessor, Iridium Holdings LLC, beginning in 2006. Prior to joining Iridium Communications, Inc., Mr. Desch served as Chief Executive Officer of Telcordia Technologies, Inc., a telecommunications software services provider that is now part of Ericsson. Previously, he spent 13 years at Nortel Networks Corporation, including as president of the company’s global wireless networks business, and as President of Global Carriers. Mr. Desch serves on the President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee. Mr. Desch has served on the Board since 2019 and is a member of the Compensation and Human Resources Committee.

Mr. Desch’s deep understanding of critical infrastructure from his 35 years in the telecommunications industry brings Unisys Corporation a unique and valuable perspective regarding the security challenges faced around the globe. In addition, Mr. Desch is able to draw upon his extensive expertise in cybersecurity, finance, M&A and human capital management, together with over twenty years of experience as a public company chief executive officer, to provide important strategic and operational advice as the Company faces the challenges of the highly competitive IT services marketplace.