Unisys Clients - Enabling Safer, More Efficient Traveling for Airport Passengers

Enabling Safer, More Efficient Traveling for Airport Passengers

The Business Challenge

Provide an excellent experience for travelers as they transition to their final destinations by ensuring a safe and secure environment within the airport.

The Solution

  • Assessment of existing security systems, video networks, and camera systems.
  • Recommendations for repair/replacement to build a new fully-integrated airport security system.
  • Development of a multi-layered environment that addresses physical, personnel and IT security threats by predicting and efficiently delivering comprehensive information to the airport and local law enforcement officials.
  • Project oversight for integration and installation of new CCTV cameras, Video Management and Video Storage technologies; upgrade of existing Magnetic Stripe Card Readers to a more secure, contactless reader for all employees and contractors.

Results and Benefits

  • Improved efficiency in serving travelers due to greater levels of reliability and security, with access control and monitoring of more than 45,000 airport employees, contractors, police and others who work at the three airports
  • Reduced operations and maintenance costs