Unisys Clients - Spirit Air Cargo Handling

Enabling efficient and reliable air cargo handling services

The Business Challenge

Maintain market position as Scandinavia’s leading air cargo handling company.

The Solution

Unisys Cargo Solutions - a modular, holistic, scalable cloud-hosted air cargo solution; includes operations, ground handling business, connectivity, mobility and reporting capabilities.

Results and Benefits

  • Improved customer service through reliable, highly-available cargo handling and reporting services
  • Generated opportunities to pursue new revenue streams by optimizing productivity through connecting to all warehouse handling systems and regulators​
  • Reduced costs and gained agility via an OPEX model​
  • Ensured compliance with industry messaging and standards​


Unisys Cargo Solutions has allowed us to significantly improve and expand our services, generate new revenue opportunities, and reduce costs. With Unisys as our partner, we have made the air cargo business easier for our customers and are powering our future business growth.”

Marianne Aunel

Head of Airport IT CPH
SAS Scandinavian Airlines Systems