Unisys Clients - Somos

Enabling connections that foster loyalty and trust

The Business Challenge

Expand service offerings to maintain leadership as the only provider of secure and credible toll-free and other telephone number registries to brands and consumers in North America.

The Solution

Unisys CloudForte®, including Data Center Operations (24x7 technical support, consulting, managed services, network services including cloud enabled networking, and ITSM); connectivity within and between four data centers, and connectivity for 400+ businesses into the toll-free number data base, data analytics, customer facing secure portal, and disaster recovery services.

Results and Benefits

  • Achieved excellent service to customers with 99.999% system availability
  • Gained the ability to support on average 16 million transactions per day
  • Expanded the network to support 10,000+ end users and 41+ million toll-free numbers


As consumers, we get bombarded with calls and text messages every day; we need to be able to know what we can trust. Somos, with the help of Unisys, is providing the trust and security that all consumers deserve”

Gina Perini

President and CEO, Somos

“ Unisys has been a partner since 2005. Their services allow our customers to have 24x7, consistent access to our platform. CloudForte enables us to scale our business on demand and provides a robust set of security capabilities that keeps our customers’, as well as our company’s data and information safe”

William Carter

Chief Operating Officer, Somos