Unisys Clients - Repvbblica Italiana

Ensuring efficient administration of justice for Italian citizens, companies and lawyers

The Business Challenge

Provide administrative justice through the Council of State and 29 Regional Administrative Courts and 500+ judges who handle 70,000 cases per year and 180,000 judgments per year.

The Solution

Unisys Application Services to develop and implement a web based application (S.I.G.A. - Administrative Justice Portal), with additional functionalities of security awareness to personalize access based on user profile, Content Management for digital documents handling, Automated Case Workflow and Virtual File (from the beginning of the case to the final judgment), and tools designed to help judges draw up judgments.

Results and Benefits

  • Achieved greater efficiency of the administrative trial to reduce time and costs
  • Simplified the transparency and accessibility of information and legal documents for citizens, companies and lawyers


The first step in the move to digital government is underway at S.I.G.A. Our Administrative Justice Portal, developed in collaboration with Unisys, has enabled us to streamline the processing of court cases – saving time and money for citizens, companies and lawyers.”

Pres. Mario Luigi Torsello

Segretario Generale
della Giustizia Amministrativa