Unisys Clients - Saving Lives Through Drug Trails

Delivering Better Quality of Life Through Successful Trials of Life-Saving Drugs

The Business Challenge

Reduce cost and time required to bring life-changing drugs, including antidepressants, oncology and diabetes medications, to market in the highly-regulated pharmaceutical and animal health markets.

The Solution

  • A custom enterprise services solution that enables the business to look at a graphical depiction of how business services are running; application support for 10-15 statistical applications and global digital library support for regulatory compliance and education purposes.
  • Unisys Cloud and Infrastructure support services for stage 3 clinical trials required immediately preceding go-to-market launch (direct phone and web access for medical assistants, nurses, physicians whose patients directly use the service).
  • Provides technical support and life-cycle management for mobile users and support for VIPs and Sales; telecom expense management.

Results and Benefits

  • Improved the timeline to launch new drugs
  • Saving thousands of dollars in telecom expenses each month