Unisys Clients - Providing an Intelligent and Fun Online Consumer Shopping Experience

Providing an Intelligent and Fun Online Consumer Shopping Experience

The Business Challenge

Grow market share as one of the world’s largest online retailers by serving-up relevant items to shoppers.

The Solution

Unisys provides a high performance and highly scalable Data Center and Big Data infrastructure and architecture for massive Big Data workloads and analysis to exploit unstructured data; includes full platform support, maintenance and advisory services.

Results and Benefits

  • Increased revenue and competitive positioning by improving the online customer shopping experience by serving-up relevant items for the buyer
  • Gained efficiency and scalability as workload demands, with ability to store, analyze and exploit increasing internal and external unstructured data (e.g. clickstream data, social media, publications data, portals data, helpdesk data, logfiles, discussion forums etc. – all available textual data)
  • Reduced cost by leveraging existing investments to support a full lifecycle approach to Big Data that begins with data acquisition and ends with data analysis and decision-making utilizing the latest tools and technique


Unisys is supporting the growth of our business by leveraging state of the art BI methodologies based on Hadoop Big Data infrastructure. With powerful ability to quickly analyze massive volumes of data, resulting in a superior online shopping experience."