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Clients meeting consumers daily needs

Large Latin American Supermarket Chain

Meeting consumers' daily needs

The Business Challenge

Build consumer trust in making credit card transactions across their supermarket stores by addressing cybersecurity issues related to critical financial and personal data, and bolstering IT security through 100% PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance.

The Solution

Unisys Stealth® to leverage microsegmentation technology to cryptographically isolate traffic containing sensitive information from the back office environment in each store; StealthTM helped comply with PCI-DSS (Data Security Standards) via network segregation and communication cryptography, while providing operational tracking for auditing purposes.

Results and Benefits

  • Enhanced protection of sensitive information by creating isolation security levels such that assets (store, user, financial applications, etc.) are not detectable to unauthorized users
  • Reduced credit card tax and simplified completion of licensing and certification through PCI-DSS compliance
  • Reduced theft by employees
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