Unisys Clients - Enabling Improved Quality of Life for Citizens Throughout South Africa

Enabling Improved Quality of Life for Citizens Throughout South Africa

The Business Challenge

Provide reliable, cost effective services across 5 operating companies within the holding group to include telecom, multimedia and IT services including command and control for South African government.

The Solution

Unisys Service Management replaced various incumbent ITSM solutions with a modernized, standardized approach and delivery of new services to 47 business units and customers as a private cloud service; provided an extensive catalogue of pre-built modules, persona-based service request and catalogue management, a discovery module to automatically map service components and dependencies to business processes; implemented a comprehensive Service Asset and Configuration Management Service and an integration engine with a library of pre-built software connectors for simplified addition of new technologies.

Results and Benefits

  • Saved the investment cost of 2 years time and gained efficiencies 2 years sooner than if this had been done in-house
  • Increased revenue through broadened offerings available to external clients
  • Reduced cost associated with multiple licenses, maintenance and disparate service desks
  • Gained the flexibility to add new services quickly and easily to keep pace with continually evolving business requirements


As both a partner and client of Unisys we are able to continue to our ~50 year legacy of providing excellent service to South African citizens by leveraging Unisys’ best practices in IT service management. By moving to a private cloud we have driven out costs while advancing on the maturity curve by two to three years.”

Program Director
Systems Integration