Unisys Clients - Transforming Service to Taxpayers Through Digital Enablement

Transforming Service to Taxpayers Through Digital Enablement

The Business Challenge

Enable the department and its 24 agencies to deliver efficient services and allow 70% of its citizen services to be delivered digitally by 2019.

The Solution

  • Unisys digital government shared services solution on a consumption-based model including Cloud and Infrastructure Services (server/storage/security), "cloud readiness" through a Cloud/Hybrid IT environment that shifts from an internal managed IT shop to an external fully managed hybrid cloud delivering infrastructure and platform as a service.
  • Unisys also serves as the service integrator, and provides solution development as well as managed services for applications, service desk, virtual desktop and managed communications as a service.

Results and Benefits

  • Transitioned to a financially sustainable infrastructure, with lower cost of ownership through simplified support requirements, that enables ongoing transformation by bringing together technology and business insights
  • Accelerated change and the ability to scale up and scale down quickly to address changing government needs
  • Created 128 jobs and achieved service desk improvements: 29+% more calls answered, calls were answered in 1/3 of the time (50 seconds vs 152 seconds) and the number of missed calls fell by 2/3




This Government is committed to delivering the best service to our taxpayers, and part of that is making sure the Government itself is operating as efficiently as possible. Bringing in an expert provider like Unisys means public servants will have access to the latest IT technology and faster turnaround times, enabling them to provide better service to our citizens. This new model is also a better deal for taxpayers, with $13.4 million in savings expected for the first 6 years of the Unisys contract.”

Minister for Finance,
Services and Property