Unisys Clients - EPM

Providing reliable, safe energy, gas and water utilities to homeowners and businesses in Latin America

The Business Challenge

Deliver critical utility services to homeowners and businesses in Colombia, Panamá, Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and Chile.

The Solution

  • SIEM Security Information and Event Management to protect critical infrastructure and their associated IT services and SCADA/ICS systems, and Machine Learning as a Service (Advanced Data Analytics) to identify suspicious activity on the EPM network.
  • Security consulting to create a security roadmap and trust organization.

Results and Benefits

  • Protected the critical infrastructure by processing, correlating and detecting security threats against ~100 million events per day in the Unisys SOC; ~200 threats detected per day of which ~ 90% are solved by Unisys and ~10% by EPM - and average 1 or 2 security threats per day
  • Achieved the ability to prevent potential cyber threats before they occur
  • Identified “known” versus “unknown” risks
  • Detected data exfiltration and/or beaconing, communication with known botnet IP locations and malware controllers
  • Gained the ability to find sensitive EPM employee email identity data on social and dark web


We had to boost our security to keep unauthorized people from accessing information of the thousands of operations that run every day across our IT infrastructure. Unisys security and analytics services are detecting threats and enabling us to continue to deliver our high quality services to citizens.

Antonio Pérez

IT Infrastructure Director, EPM