Unisys Clients - Delivering high quality patient care

Delivering the highest quality patient care across the APAC region

The Business Challenge

Provide quality care and positively contribute to the clinical outcomes of patients.

The Solution

Unisys Security Solutions, including a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system in partnership with LogRhythm®, and Unisys Security Operations Center to manage the SIEM system and provide 24/7 detection and response services.

Results and Benefits

  • Enabled stronger focus on patients’ health and recovery, rather than worrying about technology or security
  • Safeguarded confidential patient information and critical medical systems by preventing cyber attacks
  • Minimized disruptions to hospital operations and clinicians’ care of patients




Protecting patient information and critical medical systems is a top priority for us. Preventing attacks is just one piece of the puzzle. Timely detection and response is critical to minimizing the impact on business operations and, most importantly, patient care.”

Chief Information Security Officer