Unisys Clients - CRIDA

Improving efficiency and performance of the Spanish Air Traffic Management System

The Business Challenge

Reduce costs to airports and airlines associated with flight delays thus improving air passenger experience.

The Solution

Unisys Advanced Analytics services including comprehensive statistical analysis of data collected, cleaned, processed, and aggregated from multiple sources, and development of a Predictive Analytics and Simulator dashboard.

Results and Benefits

  • Improved passenger experience through early alerts on possible flight delays
  • Reduced costs associated with overhead and re-planning to address flight delays
  • Reduced airline costs associated with rerouting to address missed connection flights


CRIDA’s mission is to improve performance related to safety, capacity, and economic and environmental efficiency of the Spanish air navigation system, as an integral part of a global system. Unisys helped us to better understand the drivers behind flight delays. They gave us the potential to predict delays with up to 90% accuracy, so passengers can be effectively notified and rerouted. This innovation shall improve passenger experience and reduce cost for airports and airlines.”

José Miguel de Pablo

General Manager