Unisys Clients - City of Philadelphia

Providing better quality of life for citizens by allowing them to engage and receive city services

The Business Challenge

  • Engage citizens via a diverse range of communication channels including telephone, Internet, mobile and social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Empower city employees with immediate access to information they need to provide better service.

The Solution

Unisys Application Services to deploy a multichannel, social media enabled, Salesforce.com CRM platform with advanced reporting capabilities; integrated it with the city website and mobile app, multiple city work order systems and the city’s geographic information system (GIS).

Results and Benefits

  • Broader citizen engagement by providing flexible engagement, i.e. through mobile phones, for a wide variety of services and information requests
  • Enabled real-time collaboration between city and employees, providing visibility and actionable data to resolve citizen requests
  • Improved visibility for city officials to service priorities through geo-tagging of locations and advanced reporting features from complaints registered by citizens