Unisys Clients - BCBSND

Serving 13.1 million beneficiaries with reliable, efficient health care claims processing

The Business Challenge

Process 119 million Medicare part A\B and DME claims annually for the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services, including 290,000 health care providers, with zero downtime.

The Solution

Unisys provides a co-located DR facility in Eagan, Minnesota: a floor-to-ceiling caged datacenter with proximity card readers, cameras, 24x7 security, and biometric locks on the cage and its 28 cabinets; office space for 350 persons in the event of a disaster including use of Unisys’ disaster command center; wireless network for hardware, VOIP and PC network; IaaS capacity for 300 VMs and virtual desktops (dedicated and private); access to facilities and Unisys staff for support and audits.

Results and Benefits

  • Performed the most successful DR test in the organization’s history, exceeding expected completion in 78% of the time planned (done in 3.5 days versus 4.5 anticipated)
  • Achieved having a single DR location for system and application recovery​
  • Developed a mature Business Contingency and Continuity Program that is ready for any future business expansion
  • Audited to FISMA high security standards


Co-locating our datacenter with Unisys is really a best practice in DR effectiveness. We no longer have to worry about costly capital investments associated with core infrastructure upgrades and building leases, space constraints, or access to facilities during disasters. We’ve gone from having systems in various locations to a single facility that can accommodate all of our space and support needs to ensure continuous processing of Medicaid and Medicare claims.”

Gwendoline Poyner

Business Continuity Manager -
Information Security & Risk Management
Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota